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2012 Reporting Year - Due 3/1/2013
   Reminder Texas. Please review 11/2010 memo regarding changes in the way Texas wants you to now report your chemical location description for your facilities. >>more info
  Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico are a few states that require SARA filers to submit their Tier Two reports in Tier Two Submit electronic format. ChemForm is Tier Two Submit compatible; you have been able in the past, and are still able to automatically generate the Tier Two Submit electronic file from ChemForm. You will not need to download or use the Tier Two Submit Software.
  North Dakota. North Dakota only accepts the state report via the North Dakota online filing system - >>login info. Other ND changes include: Chemical inventory must be reported in LBS and CODE; Site plans are required; LAT LONG coordinates are required. Note: the online system will not allow you to submit or certify the filing without these items.
  Oklahoma. Oklahoma requires Lat/Long coordinates(decimal format) for all facilities. ChemForm provids a LATITUDE and LONGITUDE field on the facility grid.
  Texas TXT2 number. Texas issues a unique TXT2 Number for each owner/operator who has previously filed a Tier Two report for Texas facilities. ChemForm includes a place to enter this number and will automatically generate the number for each facility when preparing the electronic TierTwoSubmit file for submission. >>Texas Filing Fee Payment Form

From the Texas website: TELEPHONE 1-800-452-2791 (In-Texas Only) or 512-834-6603 to get your TXT2 Number (if you do not know, or have not received it).
  Release date January 2013. All licensed ChemForm users will be notified via email to request a username and password for the customer login on this website. If you have not received notification by January 27, 2013 please contact our Houston office.
2012 Report Year - Electronic Cover Sheets and Fee Schedules
NOTE: Remember! ChemForm generates a Tier2 Submit compatible file. If the state mandates electronic submission they will refer to EPA's Tier2 Submit file format. This file will be generated from ChemForm for any state that accepts the electronic format.
  Arkansas Fee Schedule  2012
  Kansas Fee Worksheet 2012
  Louisiana LEPC State Repository Agreements Signed
  New Mexico Tier II Filing Certification & Fee Schedule -2012
  Oklahoma DEQ Tier2 Logon Instructions
  Texas Filing Fee Payment Form - 2011
  Wyoming Electronic File Cover Sheet - 2012
Technical Documents
  ChemForm Help

Texas Utility Instructions Note! 2011 Addendum to the Texas Reporting Utility on Page 5.

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is free! Download from Adobe System.

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